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What is a canvas wall print?

You will have seen canvas pictures somewhere over the years, they have been very popular in the art and home interior scene for a while now. Essentially when you order a canvas print from us we print the image onto high quality 100% artist cotton canvas using our professional wide format printing machine. Once the printed canvas has been checked for colour accuracy and fine detail we wrap it around a wooden frame. These are made from canvas stretcher bars which are the industry standard. We also use wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure it comes from sustainable forests. Once the canvas has been wrapped around the frame it is pinned to it using strong staples. These are then hidden by art tape for a clean finish. We spray a protective UV transparent coating onto the canvas picture to ensure you can wipe the picture without any worries of damaging the printed canvas. A fixing bracket is then added to the canvas' frame so it is ready to hang.

Do you offer bespoke size canvas art?

Yes. As standard we offer regular canvas sizes which should suit most wall spaces but we can print our pictures at larger sizes upon request. Let us know your prefered size and we can give you our best canvas price.

How about split panel canvas prints?

Although we don't offer split panel canvas pictures on the site as an option, we can of course print them upon request. Also known as 'triptych canvas art', this is where the picture is printed across three canvases for an impressive finish. We can also print the images over more canvases if you like, such as four, five or six canvas frames.

Do you ship all over the world?

Our free delivery only applied to UK mainland orders but we can ship worldwide. Of course this involves an extra cost so please contact us first to let us know where you would like your canvas wall picture sent to. They can be costly due to the size of the canvas pictures so be prepared!

How long will my canvas picture take to arrive?

Regular canvas art prints will be with you within 7-10 days. We don't hold any stock of printed canvases as we print on demand once an order comes in, hence the delivery times. Usually you will get your canvas picture sooner but during busy periods please be patient. If you haven't received your canvas within 10 working days please contact us.

Are the canvases gallery wrapped?

Yes we gallery wrap our canvases art. This is where the picture continues around the frame rather than just being on the front of the wall print. For the smaller canvas prints we may mirror the image for the sides to ensure the picture is not lost around the canvas side. If you would like plain canvas sides please mention this when going through the checkout, or email us within 24hrs.

Can the canvas be hung anywhere?

There are certain places where you shouldn't hang a canvas wall print. Places such as bathrooms, above fireplaces and the garden are not suitable due to heat and moisture that can affect the canvas framing. Our canvas art prints come with wedges on the inside of the canvas frames that can be tapped gently to straighten the frame if it relaxes over time but we still wouldn't recommend hanging a canvas wall art in those places.

How do I hang my canvas wall picture?

This is one of the great things about canvas wall pictures – they are so easy to hang! Just attach a screw into your wall and hang via the picture framing hook that is on the back of the canvas frame. Canvases are quite light so you don't need a heavy duty screw, and in some cases a nail will be fine.

Are your sizes exact?

Yes and no. Most of our images are standard sizes but some are a bit different. We may have to crop a tiny amount of the image to fit the stretcher bar frames or for some we may print them to the nearest suitable size. If you definitely need your canvas picture at the stated size please note this when ordering.

How good is your printing quality?

Very good! In fact, we are so proud of our print quality that we'd wager we offer some fo the best quality canvas art in the business. We use high end inks on high grade large format printers. Our computers are colour calibrated to the printers and our attention to detail is something we are very proud of. Having great quality images to print from is a bonus but you need print knowledge and expertise to produce really good canvas wall art.

Do you have any sales or special offers?

We do have some exciting offers going on from time to time. The best way to find these out are by signing up for our newsletter or following us on these social media sites:

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How safe is it to pay for canvases online at Vanilla Art?

Very safe indeed. We use paypal to handle all the online transactions which means your money is transfered using the world's largest and best method. We don't see your card details as it is always securely done through paypal, and their strict security protocols. You can either pay by credit/debit card via paypal or by a Paypal account if you have one already.

Hopefully those questions have helped you in your purchasing decision but if you have any further questions please contact us via the contact form.

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